We Are Smashing Boxes

"Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is……"


Literally. We are smashing boxes. It’s who we are, it’s our name. And we are so excited to share with you what we are doing to deliver more and better for the product development industry.


After 10 years in the game, we had to take stock and make a plan to thrive for the next 10 years and beyond. In short, we are iterating on ourselves, we’re disrupting ourselves, and we are evolving. 


Smashing Boxes is more than designing, engineering and launching great software products. We don’t just want to IoT or cloud enable our clients. We are leveling up our thinking beyond a vendor and want to help increase the enterprise value of our clients in a meaningful way.  We will tackle next generation challenges like IoT and IoMT enablement, business model innovation, unlocking revenue and monetization opportunities through technology from architecture and system design to execution and management. And we will do this while continuing to solve the challenges of building and managing technical products from MVP to Beta to At-Scale.


We have designed software and written code like a champ for the last 10 years. Now we are bringing web 3 technology platforms to the market like Blockchain, IOT, and AI WHILE MAINTAINING an emphasis on a human centered approach with our product designers. We aren’t just embarking on digital transformation for our clients, we are smashing that box and taking our clients to the land of technical and digital evolution.


We are bringing more platforms to the market for our clients to experience.


·      In the Raleigh/Durham market that means companies like Pendo, Strongkey, and Fluree.

·      Globally we partner with AWS, GCP, Salesforce/Heroku, and IBM Cloud Garage


We aren’t just doing this for us, we are doing this for our clients to ensure that their business also thrive beyond the next 10 years.


For our community, Smashing Boxes is going to work to drive designing the Ecosystem of the Future for ourselves and for our region as a hub. Smashing Boxes is also going to tackle hard challenges head on when it comes to building the ecosystem of the future, one which places equity and diversity at the forefront. 

Be on the lookout for more news as we continue to be Smashing Boxes.

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Smashing Boxes is a creative technology lab that partners with clients, taking an integrated approach to solving complex business problems. We fuse strategy, design, and engineering with a steady dose of entrepreneurial acumen and just the right amount of disruptive zeal. Simply put, no matter what we do, we strive to do it boldly. Let's talk today!

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