RIoT Atlanta Preview: How Stark RFID is Changing the Game for Sports Fans

IoT Technology Transforms the Patron Experience

The origins of Greeneville, SC-based Stark RFID may not seem sexy to sports fans, but with the integration of IoT, even Snoop Dogg says his visit to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta was one of the best experiences ever. “Ya’ll dig that—College Football Hall of Fame is number one in my book.”

Snoop Dogg at the College Football Hall of Fame

Stark RFID made the leap in 2010 when “one of our suppliers asked if the company could track people at an event,” recalls Stark RFID Founder/CEO Lance Burnett, featured speaker at RIOT XXXIII – HOW IOT IS DISRUPTING SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT, March 26, 6-8pm at the Atlanta Tech Village.Instead of providing RFID systems for tracking finished goods through industrial environments, Stark RFID is a now a leading RFID event and venue management solutions provider with a unique and varied client roster, including:

  • The new College Football Hall of Fame
  • The PGA TOUR™
  • Ripley’s/Guinness World Records
  • Clemson Football
  • National Football League teams
  • Music and cultural festivals

The Industry of Fun

“Our mission is to enhance the patron experience through auto ID technologies,” says Burnett. “From museums to attractions to sporting events, we’re in the industry of fun.”Visitors to the College Football Hall of Fame tend to agree. At ticketing, they receive an all-access pass embedded with a RFID chip. To personalize the experience, fans simply register the pass and choose their favorite college football team.

IoT Disruptive Technology at the College Football Hall of Fame

Once your team is selected, the team's helmet lights up.  As you move through the Hall, exhibits greet you by name and cater the experience to your chosen team.

IoT Disruptive Technology in Sports and Entertainment

“The first thing we want to tell people about is the technology because it is so cutting edge,” says Kimberly Beaudin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, College Football Hall of Fame “and it’s not what people expect.”With a 90% opt-in rate, sports fans are embracing the cutting edge of IoT.

Courtesy of Obscura Digital

RIoT Presents "How IoT is Disrupting Sports & Entertainment"

But wait, there’s more! From ticket fraud prevention to physical safety at a festival (Stark RFID was not a Fyre Festival vendor!), Burnett will be sharing more cool project stories and trends in IoT. Register now for RIOT XXXIII – HOW IOT IS DISRUPTING SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT, March 26, 6-8 pm at the Atlanta Tech Village. If you've got a cool IoT story or project need, contact us now!

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