Next Matters Most: Why Pursuing Innovation Is a Mindset Not a Reaction

As emerging technology platforms mature and become more accessible - the realm of ‘what’s possible’ gets exciting.  Right now, entrepreneurs and executives alike are realizing there is opportunity to innovate and disrupt using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, Machine Learning and Virtual Reality. As a result, lots of darts are getting thrown at the wall and we are waiting to see what sticks.What is less obvious, though, is that the pursuit of improvement and innovation is not a reaction to new technologies - it’s a mindset.  Successful people (and companies) are always looking ahead and thinking about the potential in what’s next.  

Join the Next Matters Most MeetUp

In 2017, we launched a MeetUp group called HealthTech 2027 based upon this mindset. It brought Triangle executives, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and technologists together to discuss and examine next generation technologies and the impact specifically on the healthcare industry.As this group grew - so did requests to make it more inclusive of other industries. This makes perfect sense as it mirrors how Triangle companies are working together to strengthen the region as a whole.As a result, the group has been renamed Next Matters Most. It will continue to be a platform for knowledge sharing, tackling common obstacles and hearing from informed experts via presentations and panel discussions.Please join the conversation by becoming a member of the group today.

Series of Educational Workshops

In the coming weeks, my team and I will be rolling out a series of educational workshops to provide actionable information on how to leverage emerging technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics.These workshops will be based on design thinking and share practical examples of how each technology can be used, what is involved in doing so and how to take the first step. We’ll look at specific challenges, review different business requirements and provide guidance on building a prototype.Currently, I am getting feedback on which new technologies to feature in the workshop series. To date, customers and Next Matters Most group members have shared some great ideas including Artificial intelligence, Mobile CXM (customer experience management), Machine Learning, Screenless Displays, IoT and Blockchain.I’d like to open the dialog up even further and ask executives throughout the Triangle to share their thoughts. What emerging technologies does the region need to embrace to remain competitive? What technical skill sets will be essential over the next five years?Please share your thoughts in the comments section and stay tuned for all the details on the workshop series. We’ll be announcing it on our blog and sharing on our social media platforms (Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram& Facebook.

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