The New Leaders of Smashing Boxes

We are excited to announce a new leadership team! Nick Jordan, our founder, will be moving from CEO to Chairman/CEO and eventually just Chairman.  Why might you ask? Well, Nick is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for solving problems with technology, helping others to do so, and building a community and ecosystem in the process. Want to know more about what’s already in the works? Check out Nick's thoughts by clicking here!

Enough about Nick! This is a big transition for Smashing Boxes and one we take very seriously.

For our community, Smashing Boxes will continue to be a driving force for innovation, for job creation, for support and giving to others, and for platforming other good ideas from promising companies and founders.  

For our clients and our partners, we are excited to introduce the team that is the new collective heart and brain of the company. Those two metaphorical organs working together will be the drivers of innovation into your businesses, support and consultation for your ideas, and flawless execution for your software product development plans.

Click on a team member's name below to check out their LinkedIn! 

Walter Pinson, who previously served as the Vice President of Strategy and Blockchain Lead, has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer. Walter has deep experience delivering SaaS applications. Among his many accomplishments to date, Pinson has developed applications across a multitude of industries including national defense and health-tech and worked for enterprise organizations like Microsoft and Verizon.

Rachel Pickering, who has been part of Smashing Boxes since 2017 as the Director of People and Operations, has been promoted to Vice President of People and Operations. Over the course of her 12+ year career, Rachel has played an integral role in shaping organizations as they scale. She is passionate about continuing to support and grow talent within the technology industry and designing core company processes with human-centered frameworks.

Tarun Jain, who will serve as Vice President of Engineering. With more than two decades of experience, Tarun is an accomplished software architect with extensive knowledge in developing and supporting mission critical application.

Kendra Williams, who will serve as Vice President of Sales. Kendra, who has previously worked with clients such as The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Entertainment, is a singular and enterprising integrated sales and marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience.

Be on the lookout for more news as we continue to be Smashing Boxes.

Reach out to us for questions or collaboration opportunities here!

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