Crypto Investing … COVID Relief

Zebpay, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, is a longtime Smashing Boxes client and partner.

Founded in 2014, Zebpay is available in 162 countries, has served more than 3 million users, and has processed more than $3 billion in transactions.

While Smashing Boxes and Zebpay have done amazing work together over the years, none of it has been more rewarding than the duo’s latest endeavors.

Smashing Boxes and Zebpay recently joined forces to build a mobile marketing platform designed to engage new customers in cryptocurrency investing. They developed a gaming app based upon a crypto faucet — spin a wheel and get free crypto.

The launch of that app has been delayed, however, in order to focus on raising funds and awareness for much-needed COVID-19 relief in India. India was severely impacted by the pandemic.

Smashing Boxes and Zebpay were involved in launching, the site of the first online Bitcoin Pizza Day party for COVID-19 relief.

Language on the site says it all: “We Are Investing in Mankind. Be a Part of It. A slice of humanity, with toppings of hope, unity and compassion.”

Most people couldn’t imagine pizza playing a role in saving lives, helping patients with medicines, providing oxygen to people in the ICU and offering medical supplies to frontline workers.

But that’s exactly what happened May 22.

Smashing Boxes worked with Zebpay to bring together all the major Indian cryptocurrency exchanges in a never-seen-before community COVID-19 fundraiser.

It’s well known that bitcoin and pizza have a connection. Every May 22 is Bitcoin Pizza Day commemorating the day two pizzas were purchased using 10,000 bitcoins — the first-ever real-world purchase using bitcoin as payment.

In 2021, May 22 was reserved to help save priceless smiles and lives in India. And the Smashing Boxes-Zebpay partnership was created to improve the situation on the ground.

For additional information, visit If you’re interested in making a donation to help with COVID-19 relief in India, visit

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