Adventures in Ventures

By Nick Jordan

CEO, Smashing Boxes

Smashing Boxes Ventures, the venture building arm of our business, incubates, develops, and launches technology products and IP.

Our specialties are human-centered design and digital product development. But whether we’re building our own products, co-creating with others, or making strategic investments, our goal is to see great ideas get to market and thrive.

One great idea we’re helping get to market is STASH Storage.

STASH is an easy-to-use, on-demand, tech-based storage solution that’s revolutionizing the self-storage industry by offering individuals, families and businesses a brand-new way to store small and large items.

On-demand, or concierge storage, is a business model innovation that’s taken hold in the last two to three years, with companies like raising hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital.

When looking at opportunities for our venture studio, we love ideas that are simple and in industries that are ripe for disruption. On-demand storage is taking an extremely established brick and mortar industry and making it more customer focused using technology and tech-enabled service.

Our goal is not to replace storage operators, it’s to help more people become storage customers by growing the overall pie.

STASH recently extended service into the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, with three to four new markets on the horizon. As STASH expands its footprint, the additional future technology opportunities expand, ranging from logistics and driverless cars to robot-powered warehouses.

Thinking about the future is in our DNA and is a part of the roadmap. But we’re also careful to ensure we execute the easy stuff really well, like answering the phone when it rings.

Through STASH Storage’s technology and some good old-fashioned hustle, the company offers a compelling value to individuals, families and businesses alike. STASH saves people time and money, plain and simple.

Here’s a little more about how STASH Storage works:

  1. STASH Picks It Up: Empty STASH boxes are delivered to you. You pack your stuff and you’re done. STASH Storage picks up your boxes and takes it to storage while you focus on more important things.

  1. STASH Catalogs It: STASH boxes are barcoded and scannable. The contents of your boxes are photographed to keep track of what’s packed away and where it’s stored.

  1. STASH Safely Stores It: STASH boxes are durable and protect your stuff from anything that could get inside including natural elements, pests, and people. Your stuff is safe with STASH.

  1. STASH Brings It Back:By using the convenient STASH app, you’re in complete control of delivery time. Simply set a date and time and we’ll bring your belongings back to you, whenever you need.

Modern and efficient, STASH Storage reduces pain, time and exorbitant costs.

The company offers free pick-ups and uploads photos of stored items into a virtual storage unit for each customer. This online catalog allows clients to quickly browse and select items for return delivery from the comfort of their home or office.

STASH operates climate-controlled storage facilities with 24/7 security. Deliveries are executed within 24-48 hours of the request.

The objective is to make STASH Storage more than just a storage company, but instead a brand that becomes synonymous with the benefits of clutter-free living.

To learn more about STASH Storage, visit To learn about other Smashing Boxes Ventures, visit

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