2014 In Review

2014 is coming to a close and we are ecstatic about what we have seen this year. From two guys in a coffee shop back in 2010 until now, we are witnessing first hand what a group of smart, energetic, and empowered folks can accomplish. Our team has nearly doubled, we moved to a bigger and brighter office, we helped launch Durham’s first code academy, and we started an event series for technologists. We focused on doing work that matters. Our company’s focus on partnering with our clients, thinking entrepreneurially, and driving positive outcomes has continued to yield incredible results for clients, while giving our team a sense of purpose and fulfillment in seeing them succeed. We’re more excited than ever to continue to grow, improve, and evolve in 2015.This is a visual story of the 'happenings' of 2014 as well as a way of saying thank you to our clients, our partners, and friends. So let's travel back to January of this year, where we started with 29 employees...

pink women and men | smashing boxes blog

...packed into close quarters in our office in the American Underground.

Smashing Boxes in American Underground | Smashing Boxes Blog

By spring, things were beginning to stir. March saw the first event of Stacked! - a group for full-stack developers - with several to follow throughout the year.

In May, we carted our chairs, desks, and monitors across the street to an office three times the size in Diamond View III next to the Durham Bull's Stadium.

New Smashing Boxes Office | Smashing Boxes Blog

New Smashing Boxes Meeting Space | Smashing Boxes Blog

Just a few days after the move, we started Durham's first code school in our old space in a partnership with The Iron Yard. As you can see below, it was heavily covered by the local news. The Academy's FB page is the best spot to check for the latest updates.

TBJ | Smashing Boxes Blog

Of course, our main focus was still on our clients. We launched many products alongside our client partners this year and we couldn't be prouder of our clients making headlines with the products we built together. EmployUs, Pack Purchase, HRPro, Stealz, and A Chef's Life are just a few of our partners who are killing it!

Duke's Practical Playbook (top) and Glen Raven's EventSpot both launched at the beginning of the year with much success. Click the pictures to read more about each project.

In July, we added Growth Engineering to our existing suite of web and mobile services. This team uses data to help clients keep and grow their user base.

In August, we launched a new and improved website and won a Davey Award for Visual Appeal!

In the Fall, we organized and hosted the annual event for Rails Girls RDU, announced the area's first full stack developer conference for 2015, and add a third course offering in Python Engineering as part of the Academy.

Throughout the year, we upped our game with some major additions to our existing leadership team.

Josh Robertson | Smashing Boxes Blog

Margaret McNab | Smashing Boxes Blog

Brian Kessman | Smashing Boxes Blog

We're finishing out the year with 48 employees, and we're still hiring!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far. Keep up with us in 2015 by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Dribbble.Nick & Brianco-founders of Smashing Boxes

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