Parking Reinvented: Premium Parking's Tech-Driven Journey

In collaboration with Premium Parking, Smashing Boxes undertook a transformative endeavor to revolutionize the parking management landscape.

Premium Parking, a leading player at the crossroads of technology and parking management, sought to transform the parking experience with cutting-edge solutions. As a tech-driven parking operator, they aimed to replace the legacy hardware and disjointed app-based offerings with a seamless, agile, and cost-effective parking management system. To realize this vision, Premium Parking partnered with Smashing Boxes, a digital product and strategy firm known for its expertise in leveraging technology to drive innovation.


Selecting the Right Kiosk Model: Premium Parking and Smashing Boxes collaborated to evaluate and select the optimal kiosk model for implementing Premium Parking's custom software. The chosen kiosk had to meet specific requirements and seamlessly integrate with Premium Parking's API.

Designing User Flows: Smashing Boxes conceptualized high-level user flows for the kiosk, ensuring that they aligned with Premium Parking's objectives. These flows needed to be both user-friendly and achievable with the Premium Parking API.

Software Development: Smashing Boxes took on the development of the software that would run on the chosen kiosk model. The software needed to be robust, efficient, and capable of delivering a seamless parking management experience.


Premium Parking and Smashing Boxes successfully identified and selected the ideal kiosk model to host the custom parking management software, ensuring it met all requirements and specifications.

User Flow Conceptualization: Smashing Boxes designed intuitive user flows for the kiosk, streamlining the parking process and enhancing the user experience. These flows were rigorously tested and aligned with Premium Parking's vision.

Software Development and Prototyping: Smashing Boxes developed an alpha version of the software, which served as a prototype to demonstrate the concept's feasibility. The prototype was thoroughly evaluated, ensuring it met all project goals and requirements.

Product Deployment Strategy: With a validated prototype in hand, Premium Parking and Smashing Boxes embarked on a strategic rollout plan. This included procurement of the necessary kiosks and the seamless deployment of the software across the selected hardware platform.


The collaboration between Premium Parking and Smashing Boxes resulted in a game-changing parking management system. Premium Parking's custom software, integrated with the selected kiosk model, delivered a user-friendly, agile, and cost-effective solution that exceeded industry standards. With the successful deployment of the product, Premium Parking transformed the parking experience, offering a modern, efficient, and customer-centric solution that resonated with both users and operators.

Key Achievements:

- Selection of the optimal kiosk model for seamless software integration.

- Design of user flows that enhanced the parking experience.

- Development of a robust software prototype.

- Successful deployment and rollout of the innovative parking management system.

The partnership between Premium Parking and Smashing Boxes exemplifies how technology and innovation can reshape traditional industries. By leveraging Smashing Boxes' expertise in digital product development, Premium Parking successfully revolutionized the parking industry with a forward-thinking solution that prioritizes simplicity, power, and affordability. This case study stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaboration and technology in creating a brighter, more efficient future for parking management.

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