Empowering Healthcare Through Data-Driven Insights

In this case study, we'll explore in-depth the intricacies of this initiative, the challenges we overcame, and the lasting impact on healthcare.

In March 2018, Smashing Boxes embarked on a transformative journey with Rutgers School of Nursing, driven by a 3-year grant from HRSA. Our mission: To revolutionize sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening and treatment for individuals living with or at risk for HIV. This case study delves into our pivotal role in this ambitious initiative and the profound impact it has had on healthcare.

The Challenge:
Our task was to develop a user-friendly data collection portal. This portal would be employed by nine clinical intervention sites spanning three service jurisdictions. Its primary purpose was to centralize data, enabling comprehensive analysis and synthesis to uncover actionable trends. Additionally, it aimed to identify the multilevel barriers hindering ongoing treatment, testing, and screening.

This grant marked a significant milestone for Rutgers, representing a giant leap toward improving human lives. Through our collaboration and data-driven approach, we've empowered healthcare professionals with the tools to drive positive change in STI screening and treatment.

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