Committing to a Bitcoin and Digital Currency based Treasury Strategy.

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The Future of Currency

We believe that crypto currency represents the future of currency and that the functionality realized by the blockchain protocol will change the way business is done within the next few years. Therefore, we have made it an integral part of our business plan to maintain a treasury made up of BTC and ETH.

While not to the size or scale of Microstrategy; Square or Stone Ridge, we’re still excited to be one of soon-to-be many small businesses built on the financial backbone of cryptocurrency and decentralized financial protocols.

Now Accepting BTC and ETH

And other major digital currencies as forms of payment.

Drinking the Kool Aid™

**Video coming soon**

“Every company has to make one of two choices. You either have to decapitalize, which is kind of like self destruct… or you have to recapitalize with an asset which is going to appreciate faster than the rate of monetary supply expansion. This is where bitcoin comes in.”


CEO | MicroStrategy

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