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Beginner’s Guide to Test Driven Development (TDD)

There are tons of articles online about the benefits of Test Driven Development, people who love it, people who “ain’t got time for that”, and people who don’t get it. I’m new to programming and I had the luxury of learning to program by letting tests drive my development.  This post is about learning TDD…Read the full article

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Introduction to Meteor.js [Video]

On December 11, Smashing Boxes Senior Developer, Michael Elfassy, conducted a Lunch and Learn for our team. The goal of this talk was to help our team gain a better understanding of Meteor.js. Meteor.js is a new framework for real time web applications. Meteor follows a publish/subscribe pattern effectively recreating a local database with just…Read the full article

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The Power of Run Loops Compels You! Migrating your tasks away from the Main Thread

In my never-ending quest to try to understand everything about everything, I eventually had to figure out how scheduling mechanisms (Threads) work within Cocoa (the framework for MacOSX & iOS Development). It isn’t as simple as you’d think, because even though a thread can be spawned, and its associated task completed from start-to-finish, what about…Read the full article

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Applying Object Oriented CSS to Reuse and Maintain Code

Object Oriented CSS or OOCSS is designed with the purpose of code reuse and faster stylesheets, which includes maintainability. It is a controversial topic at the moment, sparking quite a few debates. I stumbled across OOCSS when I was working a project that was built terribly in terms of code reusability and everything was specific…Read the full article

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