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A Look at Julia Elman’s Book “Lightweight Django” [Podcast]

Julia Elman isn’t your typical front-end programmer. On top of being a designer by trade and instructor at the Iron Yard Academy powered by Smashing Boxes, she’s a self-taught programmer, career go-getter and now an author. We sat down with Julia to discuss her new book, Lightweight Django, and how she got to where she…Read the full article

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Clean Architecture and Rails

Ruby on Rails makes web application development easier by favoring convention over configuration. Its creators say it is optimized for programmer happiness, and lets us focus on the client’s needs rather than the common tasks/chores involved in building every web application. Outside of “The Rails Way,” many other alternatives exist, so we decided to explore…Read the full article

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How to Up Innovation at Work? Take a Break.

Sometimes the most efficient way to rejuvenate is to take a break from actually working. Google has a practice where engineers spend 20 percent of their time on company-related projects that appeal to their personal interests. They take a break from normal projects and create something that lets their creative pulses beat a little faster….Read the full article

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Apple’s Swift: A Developer’s First Impression

Our developers Jordan Clifton and David Sweetman dove into the new programming language, “Swift,” that was announced yesterday during Apple’s keynote at WWDC14. After hearing the announcement and viewing the demo we were excited to jump in and start learning more about Swift using the Playground. Playgrounds are used to experiment with new technologies, analyze problems,…Read the full article